Back in the Kitchen

As I continue with the commitment of doing more things that I enjoy I’m seeing myself back in the kitchen more & more. It’s been quite some time since I’ve enjoyed rustling up random meals from whatever bits I have hanging around, plus most of the things are relatively healthy too which is always a plus. So here are some of… Read more →


Last night I finally got around to taming my own horse. Whilst I’m pretty bad with the darn rope my captures seemed pretty lucky as 2 of the 3 were female 😀 . Umotaen  Pixel Umfenii  Today I decided to breed Umitaen (L17) & Pixel (L19) which resulted in: Voxii  Now to try capture a couple more,because of course I need even… Read more →

Upping The Training

When I started with my PT we had talked about me joining in a class or two once I get to the right kind of fitness level. Sunday will mark my first class, huzzah! Achievement unlocked?! 😛 I’m quite looking forward to upping the training, I just need to make sure that whilst I’m switching over to keto that my… Read more →

Roll on Summer

Fingers crossed for some sunshine this year. Last year we had a terrible summer & this year I could do with some uplifting vitamin D! With work being the way it is at the moment it’s unlikely that I can take any vacation time until Jun/Jul at the earliest. I’m already carrying over 40hrs from last year’s allocation so I… Read more →