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BDO Fishing Trip

Ah the joys of spending hours IRL in front of a PC doing in-game fishing! Thanks to AJ, his boat & helpfulness I managed to actually make some money from fishing for a change – huzzah! It did require that I uninvest in some existing nodes on the map so that I could reallocate them to the ocean locations past… Read more →

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online (BDO) is the only thing I’m playing at the moment. The last MMO I played was ArcheAge but thanks to Trion customer service being dreadful I stopped playing & hung up my MMO boots for a while. BDO had crossed my horizon way back when they’d originally shown their character creation tool but after that it completely… Read more →

The Birth of Klarence

Ever had that one friend that takes FOREVER to respond to something even when they are the one that instigated the conversation in the first place? Over the years I’ve had friends who do this to varying degrees and depending on the friend depends on how I’d usually respond &/or react. Today I decided to fill the gap in conversation… Read more →

Here We Go Again

So I’ve owned this domain for just shy of 7 years. Every year I have the intention of doing something with it, blogging, creating forums … something. So far I’ve yet to really achieve anything with it. I’m 100% not a natural blogger. As a child the concept of a diary was foreign to me & it made no sense… Read more →