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Last night I finally got around to taming my own horse. Whilst I’m pretty bad with the darn rope my captures seemed pretty lucky as 2 of the 3 were female 😀 . Umotaen  Pixel Umfenii  Today I decided to breed Umitaen (L17) & Pixel (L19) which resulted in: Voxii  Now to try capture a couple more,because of course I need even… Read more →

BDO Fishing Trip

Ah the joys of spending hours IRL in front of a PC doing in-game fishing! Thanks to AJ, his boat & helpfulness I managed to actually make some money from fishing for a change – huzzah! It did require that I uninvest in some existing nodes on the map so that I could reallocate them to the ocean locations past… Read more →

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online (BDO) is the only thing I’m playing at the moment. The last MMO I played was ArcheAge but thanks to Trion customer service being dreadful I stopped playing & hung up my MMO boots for a while. BDO had crossed my horizon way back when they’d originally shown their character creation tool but after that it completely… Read more →