Here We Go Again

So I’ve owned this domain for just shy of 7 years. Every year I have the intention of doing something with it, blogging, creating forums … something. So far I’ve yet to really achieve anything with it. I’m 100% not a natural blogger. As a child the concept of a diary was foreign to me & it made no sense that anyone would write down their private thoughts. It seemed ironic & likely to attract unwanted attention. As an adult I still don’t have a diary. When I’m down in the dumps I’ll occasionally track my thoughts for a maximum of 2 weeks & then I’ll stop, get distracted, re-read the notes & delete them. They’ve served their purpose. Done. Deleted. Forgotten.

I’m naturally a reserved person, I tend to not let too many people get to know the full level of crazy in my head. For those that are lucky enough to experience my randomness they are likely people I consider close friends or people that have gotten to know me over many, many years (because let’s face it there’s no way you can hide crazy forever).

So what to expect from this? Honestly I have no idea, I’ll wing it as I go & see if anything sticks.



OK I give it a month before I’m deleting this entire blog! 😉

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