Roll on Summer

Fingers crossed for some sunshine this year. Last year we had a terrible summer & this year I could do with some uplifting vitamin D! With work being the way it is at the moment it’s unlikely that I can take any vacation time until Jun/Jul at the earliest. I’m already carrying over 40hrs from last year’s allocation so I may just take a week off to relax at home as soon as a suitable time arises.

Come the end of June the taxman will have taken around half of my bonus & with the remaining income I can likely cover off my car repair costs & maybe (read hopefully) pop a little into savings. I’d love to take an actual vacation this year, away from rainy Ireland, not one that is bolted onto a work trip &/or has any specific purpose outside of the vacation activities I intend to do. I’d love to do GenCon again but it’s such an investment with it being in the States & I really should have a look in attending Spiel Essen or maybe even Gamescom for something a little different. Although any time away from work that isn’t just relaxing at home will mean I have to leave the furball & I might be best waiting until the day care open up their doggy hotel. Having him stay there would likely be much easier & less worrying than any other alternative, especially after my Jan/Feb work trip experience. 🙁

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