Upping The Training

When I started with my PT we had talked about me joining in a class or two once I get to the right kind of fitness level. Sunday will mark my first class, huzzah! Achievement unlocked?! 😛

I’m quite looking forward to upping the training, I just need to make sure that whilst I’m switching over to keto that my energy levels are sufficient enough to support the extra day. I’m currently switching to keto based foods & once that’s down I’ll start looking closer at the macros & what my % fat, protein & carbs are.

I attempted to make my own ranch dressing today. Pro-tip DO NOT let the garlic powder lid come off &/or don’t measure over the mixture! Let’s just say I have no risk (for the next few days at least) of being attacked by stray vampires. Next time it will be perfect & next time it may have jalapeños too! 😀 The bacon wrapped mozzarella was nice & tasty, definitely something I can enjoy as a snack from time to time. Looking forward to trying the coconut flour waffles too at some point! 😀

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