Vacation .. So Close Yet So Far Away!

Roll on the 6 Jun when I can take 2 weeks away from work & unwind a little. Work is busy & the next few months will be crucial for setting up various PoCs & building out a new roadmap for the next fiscal year (minimum). I’m not travelling anywhere for vacation as I’ve decided relaxing at home will be sufficient enough. I plan to curl up with a few books, play more BDO & have a few more kitchen experiments (which I need to update to !

Talking of kitchen things I’ve just placed an order for some new bits & bobs!

  1. Food dehydrator + sheets
  2. Burger press
  3. Vacuum sealer + bags
  4. Kitchen scales (mine so desperately need to be replaced)
  5. Mandoline slicer

Now to just find room in the kitchen for them. I might have to actually invest in a small step so I can use the top parts of my kitchen cupboards! #smallpeopleprobelms

Next up is to find out what my bonus will be & finally get around to ordering a new keyboard & mouse. I’d like sort out my monitor situation also but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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